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Sydney professional virtual tours, photography, video and UAV operations

Newsdesk Media has been providing quality imaging solutions for the PR and marketing teams of some of Australia’s most recognised brands for 2 decades. We know how important a brand’s visual communication is to a customer’s impression of quality and we use our experience to provide clients with more than just quality imagery.

A lot has changed in the world of imaging since Newsdesk Media started.

Camera technology has moved from analogue to digital and darkroom techniques have been replaced with photoshop skills. The development of drones brings with it capture technology that provides a whole new perspective. Now 3D technology has given us the ability to bring the viewer with us to a location with virtual tours.

Newsdesk’s job, as it has always been, is to make our clients look good no matter what the technology. Newsdesk’s team of Sydney-wide professionals can provide you with photography, video, aerial and virtual tours.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world creating beautiful images for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, working for marketing departments, newspapers, magazines, brochures and ad campaigns.

– Warren Kirby

Director - Photographer, Newsdesk Media

I’m most recognised for my car photography and have worked for over 20 different marques during my career however my experience extends beyond objects with wheels. I’ve photographed architecture, manufacturing, mining, people, places and products of all kinds. I’ve used equipment ranging from 5×4 rail cameras to a digital camera that hangs from the gimbal of a drone.

Now, with virtual tours our clients to engage their customers like never before. I think it will revolutionise the way customers engage with businesses because instead of bringing someone to a location, you bring the location to them.

If the intention of marketing is to promote the things you have to offer, there is no better way to show people what you’ve got to offer got than by bringing the location to them.

In addition to ensuring Newsdesk keeps at the forefront of an ever changing industry, I can confidently say I give my clients the imagery they need at realistic prices. All of my clients are repeats customers, most for over a decade. They use Newsdesk because they prefer “peace of mind” over “cheap as chips.”

When you’re ready to show the world how great your brand is, give me a call and let’s get inspired together.

Our Sydney video &
photography services

Virtual Tours

Newsdesk VT can provide a customised virtual solutions to transport online explorers into your location from anywhere in the world. We use multiple 3D technologies to create an unparalleled virtual sales tool for our clients.

Commercial Photography

Newsdesk has provided photographic services for a wide variety of client across a broad cross section of media, from newspapers and magazines to brochures, point-of-sale collateral and more recently, social campaigns.

Corporate Videos

Newsdesk has worked with some of the most experienced camera operators and editors in the business producing corporate videos. We make sure you get the right crew for the audience you want to reach.