Glossary & FAQ

Virtual Tour

A collection of 3D scans, intermeshed to form an immersive digital rendition of a space. It allows the viewer to ‘walk through’ and explore the space online from their desktop or mobile device.

3D Scan

Capture process for a virtual tour. Each step point is captured by a combined image and point cloud scanner to be included as part of the mesh for a virtual tour.


Virtual tour system comprising both infrared scanner and cloud-based AI technology.

Step Point

Virtual tours are comprised of Step Points to help the viewer “step through” the virtual tour. They can also be configured to restrict access to certain areas by limiting the available step points or used to highlight certain features.

360 Pano

A 360 degree view panoramic image that can be added to a virtual tour or an Airtour™.


Specific features or points-of-interest can be marked with a coloured tag inside a Virtual Tours. Tags can be colour coded for certain features and include titles, descriptions, embedded links, photos or video content.


The process of including multimedia content into tags so that images and video can be viewed from inside the virtual tour experience.


A series of connecting Portals (Air & Land Portals) designed to explore a location and marked areas of interests for further interactivity.


Aerial 360 panoramic image taken by drone. Portals contain various interactive points of interest icons for descriptive text, links, maps, virtual tours, images and video.

Land Portal

Similar to an AirPortal a Land Portal is a 360 Pano taken from the ground.


Similar to virtual tour tags, icons can be used to highlight points of interest within the Airtour. Portal icons can be used to navigate the tour, contain information, images and embedded videos. Custom icons can be created by request of client.

Drone Photography

Air Portals are created with a drone. Additional photography and video taken via drone is also possible.


Civil Aviation Authority of Australia. All drone flights must comply with CASA regulations. Newsdesk VT/Newsdesk Media is an accredited and licensed Drone Operator.

Hosting and Licensing

Newsdesk VT uses multiple different technologies to create online virtual tours &/or Airtour™ .These require monthly hosting and licensing fees. Each Airtour™ and each virtual tour (either as part of an Airtour or separately) incur ongoing fees while they are in a published state.